Farro, Pea and Feta Salad

Slightly blurry farro salad

Slightly blurry farro salad

So, it’s been a week of salads here at FvF.  Last night, I made up a farro salad (based on a mashup of researched recipes and what we had on hand) and it turned out delicious.  Farro*, which is a nutty specific kind of wheat grain, is not easy to find generally, but I get mine at Whole Foods.  It is delicious, though, so it’s worth the special purchase–and it has protein in it, so if you’re looking for a meatless meal, it will do well.  It’s also great the next day in a lunch.  So without further ado, I give you farro, pea and feta salad. (more…)

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Kale and Citrus Summer Salad


Kale and Citrus Salad

Here’s another favorite salad that I make, the recipe of which was stolen/adapted to our tastes from the Irish pub across the street from us when they stopped carrying it for a minute*.  We like to eat this in the summer when it’s warm outside and I feel like fussing with dinner.  It’s a bit of work (a lot of chopping) but it’s worth it in the end.  Also, it’s great for lunch the next day. (more…)

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Summer Songs

So, last week my colleague KB posted on her Facebook page asking people for suggestions for “Summer Songs that have Stood the Test of Time”.  I contributed a bunch and then today I decided that I needed to make this list happen for myself.  So this morning I copied all the songs on her list into Spotify, added a few more of my own and started listening.  It’s truly an excellent mix–great for your 4th of July BBQ or for just listening while you cook.  Check it out here if you have Spotify (or just double-click below if you have it).  A big shout-out to KB and her FB friends for this…

Pork Tenderloin with Guacamole Recipe


Image from Simply Recipes

So, to start off my new healthy eating kick, I brought leftover from home today for lunch.  These were leftover pork tenderloin with a dab of guacamole (and some cabbage slaw with a lime vinaigrette) that I made earlier this week.  This recipe is even better leftover, so be sure to save a little for lunch.  The meat and guac are also delicious on tacos with a little shredded green cabbage and lime.

I made this a few days ago, like I said, but neglected to take any photos, so the guacamole from Simply Recipes is standing in…This is one of our standard recipes for the week on days when we have a little time to spare.  The pork marinates for two hours (one at the very least), so you need to have time for that to happen.  Great weekend recipe. (more…)

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Jezebel Article about The Goop Diet

This made me laugh.  Check out this article here.


Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes from the Green City Farmer’s Market last summer–Just because

And now it’s time for me to announce my regularly scheduled intention to get back to eating healthy and writing about it on the regular.

So, we’ve been dealing with the “foodie” half of the foodie v. fatty for the last year or so.  I’ve been trying with only small amounts of success to address the healthy-eating-half of my lifestyle/blog.  So, in the great tradition of my SF UU friend Eric Swanson, I’m declaring a “this ditch effort”* on the eating and dieting tip and also on the writing track.

First step, plan a menu.  Second step, shop.  Third step, log food.  Small steps, one after the other. (more…)

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Stan’s Donuts is coming to Streeterville!


Stan’s Donuts Wicker Park [Photo: Marc Much]


Lawncierge Article — Reprint from Gapers Block

Lawncierge at Ravinia

Lawncierge at Ravinia

Okay, wait for it…my first article in months!  This is reprinted from Gapers Block.

Let’s start with a basic premise…The fun part about going to Ravinia in the summertime is definitely bringing a gourmet picnic and sitting out on the lawn under the stars. It’s about hauling your blanket and some camping chairs on the Metra and sharing food and drink with all of your friends.

So, how do you upgrade the experience of Ravinia and make it more like glamping than camping? Enter the new Lawncierge service by Celebrity X Cruises.


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The Feed — New Podcast

Check out The Feed, a new podcast by Rick Bayless and Steve Dolinsky (aka The Hungry Hound)!


Artisanal Toast and Community

ToastRead this story–by clicking the title of this post–about the root of the artisanal toast craze sweeping San Francisco.  This charming story about Giulietta Carrelli and her tiny coffeeshop, Trouble,  in the Sunset district captures the heart of SF and what I miss about the Bay Area.


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