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Artisanal Toast and Community

ToastRead this story–by clicking the title of this post–about the root of the artisanal toast craze sweeping San Francisco.  This charming story about Giulietta Carrelli and her tiny coffeeshop, Trouble,  in the Sunset district captures the heart of SF and what I miss about the Bay Area.


But Back to the Crying Baby…

In other news, the crying baby story at Alinea made it to

GMA_GrantAchatzGood Morning America this morning.

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New Soup and Chili Projects

It seems like it is the time of year when soup and stews are on everyone’s mind.  It figures, with all the cold weather we’ve been having lately.  (Although, as a sidenote, I have really been enjoying the 30 degree weather these last few days.  It has seemed almost balmy compared to the Chi-beria experience of last week.) (more…)

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The Great Alinea Baby Scandal

1389627908-1053434_527664240628011_559111063_oSo, someone brought a baby to Alinea and Grant Achatz tweeted about it and then the internet exploded.  The Reader has the story here.

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Peel a head of garlic in ten seconds…

This is amazing.  No kidding.

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Michelin Chicago Guide 2014

MG 2014 Chicago ND 9782067186996The Trib has  the story here.  The short version:

Three Stars

Two Stars
Grace *
Graham Elliot
Sixteen **

One Star
EL Ideas *
Elizabeth * (more…)

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Stuck in a Rut?


The killer macaroni and cheese I made at my in-laws’ house in Madison.

By Jeanne

As the days grow shorter and more brisk, it becomes easy to fall back into bad habits.  For me, this takes the form of over-indulgence in and a growing desire for typical comfort foods and a tendency to become more lax in my workout habit.  It’s really easy for me to turn to holiday feasting and general sloth-i-ness when it gets nasty out.

(This often begins with the baking frenzy in early fall, which happened again this year…) (more…)

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Nibbles & Noshes — Halloween Edition


By Jeanne

It’s that time again, time for Nibbles & Noshes to make its increasingly rare appearance on Foodie V. Fatty.  If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, I started writing the Gaper’s Block.  This local blog has been a favorite of mine for years and when they were looking for Arts & Culture writers, I jumped at the chance to write for free advance tickets and inside looks at theater, dance and other performance productions around town.

So far, I have done a preview article about the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s new Alejandro Cerrudo piece (Ale is the Resident Choreographer here where I work…) and a roundup of Halloween shows in Chicago.  But I just finished a round of interviews this week for new pieces on Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, Natya Dance Theatre, CLLAW (the Chicago League of Women Arm Wrestlers…with interview from my old friends Tamale and Plucky Rosenthal, the Jewish Star of Stage and Stage) and saw a new Neo-Futurist piece called The Sovereign Statement with my dear friend Oomph for a review, all of which I am writing on Saturday night, while my lady is at a GLAAD event with her new lesbian lawyer friend.

Hence, no Foodie V. Fatty lately.  But never fear, my loyal readers (numbering in the tens!), I am back with a new Nibbles & Noshes for your Halloween week enjoyment. (more…)

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Learning from our Mistakes

By Jeff

So after all the amazing sorbets that happened in my kitchen this summer, I was feeling pretty cocky about things.  When applesapples began to appear in the farmers’ market, I thought I would be able to make an awesome apple sorbet. Unfortunately, my first attempt at this was a spectacular fail – more or less a frozen applesauce that had none of the appeal of sorbet. I threw most of it out.
Well, if at first you don’t succeed, and all that….
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